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Do you like Japanese medieval fantasy? Do you know Okko?

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A legendary French comic book series

In the days of feudal Japan, a small group of demon hunters roamed the lands of the Pajan Empire, torn apart by insidious wars between the main ruling families. The Okko Saga, published by Delcourt, recounts in several cycles the adventures of this group of “unusual hunters” sent by the powerful of the world to investigate the activities of evil creatures.

Striking characters

The heroes of this saga, who come from a variety of backgrounds, form a motley crew that is both fascinating and endearing:

Okko is a cold, enigmatic Rōnin who has built a solid reputation as a katana wielder. A formidable swordsman, he perfectly embodies the spirit of Bushido, the samurai code of honor: righteousness, courage, benevolence, courtesy, sincerity, honor, and loyalty, the code’s seven great values. Yet he hides a troubled past and can sometimes give way to violent, impulsive behavior. Could this have something to do with his mysterious origins?

Noburo is a strong warrior and Okko’s loyal companion. Gigantic in stature, his face hidden behind a red mask, he appears almost invulnerable. Able to withstand a volley of arrows, he’s a valuable asset to the group’s adventures and will fight to the death if necessary! His imposing physique adds to the mystery surrounding him.

Noshin is a monk who can summon Kamis, elemental spirits. Short, chubby, sometimes grumpy, sometimes smiling, and undeniably into sake, he proves to be an excellent traveling companion and a talented investigator. He’s certainly the most likeable character in the group. Noshin will take young Tikku under his wing and teach him the basics of tsu monk life.


A proud and fearless warrior, Setsuka is a beautiful samurai also known as “Little Crab” due to her missing left arm. Despite her volatile temperament, she’s a respected commander and shrewd tactician.


During their adventures, which mix mystery, action and investigation, this disparate group faces many and varied esoteric threats. From demonic Onis infiltrating the human world to armies of “living dead” raised by a mysterious sect.

A World Adapted for Board Games

The adventures of these unusual heroes have been adapted into board games. You don’t even need to know the comics to enjoy these games, which immerse you in a particularly rich and colorful Asian medieval fantasy universe. In this adaptation, which follows the spirit and chronology of the comic books, the first game takes up the Water cycle, while the second adapts the Earth cycle. “To play Okko Chronicles is to experience the adventures of this unusual band as they track down and eliminate the often supernatural phenomena that threaten the Pajan Empire.

Good news if you’re a fan of good looking material: Okko Chronicles features the same illustrations as the comics, plus some gorgeous minis!

Miniatures come unpainted – Painted by Vinkey’s Colors

Exceptional art and characters

The success of Okko, in addition to its incredibly engaging and intriguing stories, is undoubtedly due to the quality of the art by the very talented Hub.
In order to create a top-quality board game, publisher Red Joker used the magnificent illustrations from the comics and called on undisputed specialists such as Arnaud Boudoiron for the miniatures.

An attractive and popular game!

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Prepare for an endless journey into a world where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred!


Board game available in French and in English