2. Okko Chronicles – The Boardgames

A board game that follows the cycles of the comic strip!

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There are two Okko Chronicles board games with miniatures that follow the logic of the cycles that animate the comic strip created by Hub. The first one adapts the cycle of Water, while the second takes up the cycle of Earth.
The two games are independent, but share the same hero management system. From one game to the next, like a role-playing game, you can experience very different adventures while using a system that remains familiar.

This system, common to both opuses, features a set of Action cards, each offering a different choice:

On your turn, you can use one of these cards to either improve one of your hero’s features (Attack, Speed, Defense, Guile) or activate a Special Talent that allows you to perform a particularly powerful action!

But be careful! Every Hero has a weakness!
As your hand diminishes turn by turn, you may need to use your Hero’s handicap to recover discarded Action Cards.


Weakness card examples:




The Cycle of Water – Quest into Darkness

Okko, the legendary ronin, and his loyal companions risk their lives to expose and thwart the dark plots of the powerful Onis, demons who hide among the guests at the heart of the Palace of Mist.

During a game, one of the players assumes the role of the Oni and secretly hides behind one of the Palace’s hosts. Accompanied by their henchmen, the Oni pursues their goals at the risk of being discovered by the heroes and forced to flee.

The other players take on the role of a member of the famous group of demon hunters, and must investigate to uncover the secret identity of the Oni, who has taken on the guise of a palace guest.
This game of investigation, deduction, and combat creates a hushed atmosphere in which heroes must be discreet to avoid incurring the wrath of the guards and having to confront the Oni prematurely.

Note that the Oni Hunters expansion allows for full cooperative play, with the Oni’s actions automatically dictated by the Twist and Reaction cards.

The Cycle of Earth – Ramparts of the Empire

Okko and his companions, deep in the high mountains of the 7 Monasteries, face a mysterious brotherhood bearing the emblem of a raven.

This time, entrenched in isolated strongholds, the heroes find themselves besieged by hordes of undead and forced to defend the ramparts to stop the onslaught of revenants on the lands of the Empire, at least until reinforcements from the Pajan army arrive.

The game is playable in solo or cooperative mode, and also features a competitive mode where one of the players can choose to take on the role of Black Tiger, the true nemesis of Okko and his companions, a vigilante sworn to take revenge on the heroes.

Black Tiger may try to attack directly, but he usually prefers to discreetly sabotage the fort’s defenses to make it easier for Karasu’s army to intervene.

Defend the stronghold

Inspired by a tower defense system, this Okko board game also gives pride of place to the individual actions of the heroes (or Black Tiger), and instantly creates a heavy, nervous atmosphere.

In addition, an original and unique system allows you to count the resistance of the ramparts to the attacks of Karasu’s army, and to see their destruction if they have not been defended well enough!

Incredible content

The Okko Chronicles range of games features numerous ultra-detailed miniatures and finely illustrated tiles depicting the various strategic locations of the Pajan.
The games also feature numerous magnificent illustrations taken from the comic strip, or specially created by the Artist HUB himself to magnify the game.


How to Play?

Cycle of Water

Cycle of Earth


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Prepare for an endless journey into a world where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred!


Board game available in French and in English