3. Okko Chronicles – Miniatures

Gorgeous miniatures for even greater immersion!

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If Okko intrigues you, if you like board games and beautiful materials, the board game adaptations give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in its exotic, colorful universe and live the adventures of the hunters of the unusual!

Striking miniatures!

The two board games have not skimped on the quality of the plastic miniatures, which are numerous, detailed and solid, undeniably enhancing the gaming experience.

Fans of fine miniatures will be delighted to find that each meticulously sculpted figure captures the finest nuances of the various characters, from evil creatures to vigilant guards: facial expressions, intricate ornamentation and varied textures make each piece a unique miniature. All this is enhanced by the quality of the injection molding, entrusted to the world-famous company Dust, which chose a blend of PVC for the creatures’ bodies and ABS for the bases and long, pointed weapons.

Two cycles, two atmospheres

One of the special features of the Okko Chronicles series is its clever division into two distinct cycles: the Water Cycle and the Earth Cycle, following the plot of the comic.
Each cycle offers a unique immersion into the richness of the game universe.


The Cycle of Water, with its subdued atmosphere, features evil Onis, brave guards, intrepid samurai, and, of course, the main characters of the story. Each character in this cycle immerses you in a particularly intriguing, mystical atmosphere. You’ll feel it as you move your figures through the elaborate halls and corridors of the Palace of Mist.


The Cycle of Earth, on the other hand, plunges players into a much more brutal adventure of violence and mysticism. From the hordes of menacing undead to the mystical monks of the Raven or the soldiers defending the strongholds, each miniature tells a tale of fierce, merciless battle. The explosive energy of this cycle is reflected in every detail, including the dynamic poses of the figures and the facial expressions of the various characters.

Okko and his companions: Unique Versions

Although the same protagonists are at the heart of both cycles, there are different versions of Okko and his companions in each game. Each character expresses the specific spirit of its cycle, adding an interesting nuance to the gameplay experience. Subtle nuances in facial expressions, equipment, and posture further enhance immersion.


A true visual adventure… as well as a captivating board game!

In conclusion, the figurines in Okko Chronicles transcend mere playfulness. You’re not moving cardboard “pawns”, you’re moving three-dimensional figures that bring the comic-book characters to life. In fact, many players like to paint their minis, which adds even more to the immersion and enjoyment of the game.


Painted by Grégory Privat and Skalve

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Prepare for an endless journey into a world where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred!



Board game available in French and in English