4. Okko chronicles – Expansions

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of Pajan with Okko Chronicles’ expansions!

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Okko Chronicles also features a number of exciting expansions!

Each expansion is a gateway to new stories and uncharted territories. You don’t need these expansions to play, but they will undoubtedly add novelty, fun, and an invitation to further explore the fascinating universe of Okko.

Monastry of the Silver Plum Tree

Join Okko and his companions in the monasteries of the Celestial Mountains. Fight corruption and discover esoteric equipment and new kamis. A new campaign awaits you, filled with mysteries to be uncovered in ancient libraries.


Heroes of the People

Become a key player in a bloody conflict between the Mayamoto and Bashimon clans. With your new allies Tikku and Windreaper (two new heroes!), you must thwart the plans of the Onis while navigating through fiery terrain. An epic campaign plunges you into the heart of a devastating war.


The Palace of Puppets

Find yourself at the center of an intrigue where secret documents and clan plots intertwine. With Isako and Kubban, the two new heroes in this expansion, you must infiltrate and unravel a conspiracy by controlling a bunraku in a gripping adventure.


Den of the Pennagolan

Explore the forgotten swamps of Pajan. Face a nightmarish Oni creature and search for Tikku’s sister. Prepare yourself for a quest full of surprises and curses!


The House of Jade Pleasures

Confront the Red Spider Lily Yakuza and uncover the secrets of Pajan’s underworld. A new female hero, a ninjitsu expert, joins you to reveal the identity of the Yakuza leader.


Behind the Doors of the Jigoku

Will you dare to enter the cursed lands of Jigoku? Team up with Genji, the wizard archer, to face the fearsome Oni Warau in his own territory. A challenging campaign awaits you!


Oni Hunters

Enjoy a cooperative or solo mode with artificial intelligence controlling the actions of the Oni. Test your survival skills against a relentless enemy.


Legends of Pajan

Develop and evolve your heroes between scenarios. Discover new Fate cards to add unexpected twists to your adventures.

Damned Souls of the Karasu

Face off against Mitsu Hatori and his infernal hounds. Stand up to Karasu’s army in an intense and strategic confrontation.


The Shadow of the Karasu

Confront Yuki Ona, the vengeful spirit of winter, and her legions of shadows. Protect the kingdom from this icy menace in a thrilling campaign.


The Last Hope

Take control of a powerful Bunraku of War and choose its allegiance in a decisive battle against Karasu’s army. A campaign where every decision can change the course of the battle.


The Long Quest

Embark on an epic adventure across all of the Pajan Empire. Manage your party’s honor and resources as you continue your quest against the forces of evil.


Legends of Pajan II

Hone your skills and those of Black Tiger across campaigns. New Karasu cards spice up your strategies and scenarios.


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Prepare for an endless journey into a world where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred!



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