5. Why Okko Chronicles is the right game for you!

Why Okko Chronicles is the right game for you!

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Board game enthusiasts know how important it is to choose the right game for you.

Let’s describe here why the Okko Chronicles line is so exciting! From the core box to the expansions, if you like Asian fantasy, non-stop action and fun, you’ll find something to suit your needs!

You can opt for an “à la carte” purchase, taking the core box and possibly one or more expansions. Or you can go for the “all-in”, which includes all the expansions and bonuses included in the crowdfunding campaigns!

Incredible expansions for a complete experience!

Expansions can greatly enhance the game experience. They offer optional new rules to explore other aspects of the universe, characters, or compelling scenarios.


The complete package for the two Okko Chronicles games guarantees that you will receive all available expansions, which means hours of additional entertainment. What’s more, this offer includes the famous stretch goals, the additional gifts that are unlocked during crowdfunding campaigns. By choosing this offer, you won’t miss out any of the surprises the creators have in store to enrich your gaming experience, and you can look forward to months or even years of play!

Exclusives you won’t find anywhere else

When you choose the full Okko Chronicles package, you’ll benefit from the stretch goals unlocked during the Cycle of Earth campaign at no additional cost. You’ll receive an enhanced version of the game, as well as bonus items not normally available.


Attractive discounts

Offers (or pledges) made during crowdfunding campaigns give you significant discounts off the retail price.

By opting for the all-in, you can take advantage of the great discounts, as well as free expansions, resulting in significant savings over buying each componant separately.

Lower prices than in stores

Compared to in-store prices, Okko Chronicles‘ full game offerings are much more affordable thanks to the economies of scale achieved through our crowdfunding campaigns. This allow you to enjoy a complete game at a reduced cost.

It’s time to make your choice! Take a look at our page to discover the different offers in the Okko Chronicles range.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey to the Pajan Empire!

Learn more about the game

Prepare for an endless journey into a world where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred!

Board game available in French and in English